Want to make a change to your hair, but just a little nervous about it? Not to worry. We know how to take baby steps!

When you’re ready for that change, follow these three steps to ease you into that new look.

– Enrich your natural base colour. Your stylist can find shades in your hair colour family and bring out the warm, rich tones by adding more of that colour.

For example, with dark brown hair, chances are you have some auburn/red in the mix. Add lowlights of those tones to add more richness to your colour.

– Look to the stars for shades you covet. Watch how they switch out their shades for the season, and ask yourself, what can I realistically copy? Stay within one or two shades of your current natural hue. (Lighter or darker)

– Customize your colour. Bring a photo to your consultation. Talk about the colours in your wardrobe. Do you have more brown, grays or blacks? Pastel or bold? This will help with colour placement for a beautiful look that’s all yours.

We’re ready when you are!

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