6 Must–Have Tools For Styling Curly Hair

When it comes to styling curly hair, there are a few tried and tested tools that will give you manageable locks.
Wide-tooth comb– For textured hair, this is your friend! The wide gaps between the teeth allow your hair ample space to glide through without causing tangles. Apply your conditioner and then detangle.
Denman Brush– The hairdressers’ hairbrush. Whether you use it to define your curls or to clump them after applying gel, every hair thickness and curl pattern can find a brush that works best for them.
Micro-fiber towels– Regular towels can roughen up hair, creating frizz. Opt for micro-fiber. These are smooth-surfaced, absorbent towels specifically designed for curly hair. They reduce drying time and define your curls.
Satin pillow– Not only lovely to sleep on, satin pillows actually cause less damage to fragile locks than regular pillows, reducing the dreaded frizz factor.
Shower cap– When you deep condition your hair use a plastic shower cap. The heat from your body will let the product penetrate more deeply into your hair.
Diffuser– Attach it to an ionic hair dryer for faster drying. The diffuser allows heat to gently dry fragile locks.