Can Hair Feel BOTH Dry And Bloated?

Have you experienced having dry hair but when you use conditioners, it becomes bloated? It’s a weird thing, but it’s possible.

This odd state shows your hair is crying for moisture but when you condition it, it swells up and looks puffy. Then, you’ll have way too much moisture, but in a day or so, you don’t have anything and your hair feels like straw. This condition is called high porosity, and it’s usually a result of damage to the hair.

Hair generally absorbs about 30% of its weight during shampooing and conditioning. When hair is this porous, however, it absorbs up to 50% of its weight! But as you already know, it doesn’t retain that moisture.

The solution is to use low pH products. They are more acidic, which causes the cuticle to tighten and lie down.

Leave-in conditioners followed by hair oil will seal in these restorative products, also causing the hair cuticle to lie down, reducing frizz, and adding shine.

If you have high porosity hair, do not wash it every day. This strips oil, causing frizz. Minimize the use of blow dryers, too. Allow your hair to air dry up to 75% before applying heat.

Come into the salon and we can also do a deep conditioning treatment specifically designed for your hair to ensure wellness and get rid of hair products that you don’t really need.