How Harmful Is SLS Really?

As stylists, we’ve always known that sulfates in shampoo were a bad thing. We just didn’t know how bad until now.

Ninety five percent of shampoo and personal care manufacturers use sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and its family members in products. We knew that; but we didn’t know this: There are nearly 16,000 studies in the PubMed science library that document this chemical’s toxicity. And yet, manufacturers still use it!

Why? Because it’s cheap!

SLS was designed to clean the dirt and grime from your hair.  But unfortunately, this nasty chemical also dehydrates the sebaceous glands and strips your scalp of its essential oils and natural moisture.

If you colour your hair or chemically straighten it, beware of SLS. The chemical composition of sulfates can alter the cell structure of your scalp, making your hair brittle, dull, and damaged.

And as far as your general health, SLS can affect your liver, kidney function, interfere with hormonal regulations, and cause numerous other subtle problems.

That’s why we never recommend over-the-counter shampoos. Our sulfate-free shampoos:

  • Reduce scalp irritation and dryness
  • Reduce the colour fading process and make it last longer
  • Reduce frizzies
  • Give you soft, shiny, healthy, manageable hair

Because sulfate-free shampoos don’t lather like their conventional counterpart, it takes a little getting used to. Once you see the tremendous benefits, you’ll never want to risk the health of your hair or your body again!