Price List

Service LADIES.. from MEN.. from
Style Cut & Dry $45.95 $23.50
Trim $25.-$36.95 $17-$21.50
Pre School $15.00 $15.00
Primary $16.00 $16.00
High School $20 -$25 $19.00
Service Short
Blow wave/GHD finish From $30.00
Formals & Wedding Quote on consultation
Body Wave, Cut & Dry From $119.00
Service Price
Lash tinting $18.00
WaxingLip*/brow*/chin* From $13.00
Ear Piercing $32.00
includes earrings
Service Short
Streaks From $80.00
Toning From $20.00
Demi Colour (long lasting wash out) From $65.00
Tinting (grow out colour) From $65.00
Service Short
Moisture $22
Moisture & Protein $25
Service Short Medium Long
Hair Colour Many packages available
Chemical Straightening


Our motto is the basis of all good work is to be found in the cut. The test of a good cut is not to be found when leaving the salon, but a day or two later. When it can be brushed or blow-dried into shape and it does what you want, that’s when you know it’s good. Sometimes it needs a little tweak and that’s why we offer a return visit free within a week to make any changes needed FREE.

Yes, we wet and cut dry cut us many different techniques like point cutting chipping slithering slicing texturizing and razoring and even cut throats are used for the men.

Our stylists have the knowledge, skills and understanding to create the finished look that will make you smile!

Hair Colouring

Is a very special ART and one we take most care over this is very exciting for us and even more exciting for you to wear. We can do it subtly or very daringly.

Consider this

  • We can correct or enhance uneven bleaching effects by the sun.
  • Bring out natural highlights with 2 or 3 toned foils and you can be even more daring.
  • Cover or blend greys
  • High impact reds make a exciting fashion statement
  • Micro Foils extremely fine weaves are colored through the hair to provide a stylish and natural blend of color and highlights. It does take time but achieves a stunning result add an extra 50% on to foil package prices
  • Foils, streaks, splices, tinting, crazy colors, vivids, flashes, pastels and greys are just a few

                services that we do.

Hair Straightening

One visit to our salon and we can chemically straighten your long hair for a year! Or, we can just smooth out the frizz using a Keratin relaxing solution for up to 3-4 months! What a great way to tame that mane without you using the hot irons every day. Allow 2-5 hours to achieve the best results. We have many different solutions one just right for your hair.

Curls not Perms

The word perm in the past conjures up a picture of frizz!! With today’s modern technology there’s a range of solutions to suit every hair type. With today’s styles soft and feminine you just need body and even smooth styles are often improved with a support curl to create an illusion of hair volume.

So, perms today can give a natural look with body, bounce and manageability.

Styling for men

Men are after a modern easy care for style, and we offer a wide range of styling techniques. We don’t stop at just hairstyling, our male clients are having natural looking colours. One of the most popular colouring techniques is comb on color to blend away the grey or for highlighting dull hair. This technique is very popular as it is very subtle and natural looking. Some clients like to have the cut throat razor used to tidy up their hair style.


$109 Package (Any three services)

  • Style cut and blow dry
  • All over demi colour
  • Regrowth tint
  • 12 foils
  • Treatment with massage
  • Just body enhancer

$69 Package

  •  $69 Package
  • Haircut and dry
  • 6 foils
  • Brow wax

$125  Half head package

  • Half head of foils
  • Toner
  • Haircut and blow dry

$109 Package

  • 15 foil
  • Toner
  • Treatment
  • Style cut and blow dry

Don’t have much time? Maybe we can help! Wendy is available via prior appointment for most Monday, Wednesday & Friday nights, and Sundays. Please ring 0448749647

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