Women used to have long hair as their default style. Long hair symbolized femininity and being all girly. But now, more and more women are opting to go short. And they still oozed sexiness despite having a cut that used to be just for boys.

Today’s short styles pump up a woman’s sex appeal and still allow her an easy wash-and-go style. Trendsetting styles like long sideswept fringe and highlights are both edgy and feminine.

But short doesn’t have to mean super short. A chic bob can be a real head turner!

Is short hair right for you? That answer depends on your face shape and best features. We can give you a short hairstyle that will accentuate, your eyes, cheekbones or jawline.

Whether it’s a demure crop with a zigzag part or a shaggy bob, there’s a new word for short hair: sexy.

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