Sometimes in the pursuit of healthy, shiny hair, we find that our clients unknowingly sabotage their efforts! So we thought we would set the record straight.

Here are the top 5 hair care mistakes we see.

Mistake #1- Only Conditioning The Ends Of Your Hair
Women mistakenly think that conditioner should be applied to the lower half of their hair because it “weighs it down.” Choose one that is right for your hair texture and let ALL of your hair enjoy the benefit.

Mistake #2-Not Using A Heat Protective Styling Product
With all the heat that is applied to hair, this one is an absolute MUST. Hot tools can cause breakage, making your hair feel dry and brittle. Insulate it! Using a heat protecting spray before you style.

Mistake #3-Skipping Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment
This one is crucial, especially if you are not using a daily conditioner properly. Deep conditioning helps to fill in any holes, as well as repair roughed up patches of hair. It works instantly to strengthen and soften.

Mistake #4-Rough Towel Drying
You’re late for work so you’re rubbing your hair wildly. Unfortunately, it won’t speed up the towel drying time. Instead, spritz detangling spray all over. Then squeeze out water with a super soft towel. Now your hair is a cinch to comb!

Mistake #5-Tearing Through Knots With A Brush
It’s tempting, when you’re in a hurry, to race through brushing your hair. But for hair that is prone to knotting, it’s the worst possible idea! Instead, start from the bottom up to loosen knots. The best trick to prevent knot-proned hair? A daily conditioner.

See, it’s not that hard to have beautiful hair. Got questions? We’re here to help!

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